This Kingdom
Geoff Bullock

D     A/C#                      Bm(2) F#/A
Jesus,    God's righteousness revealed
           G               D/F#
The Son of Man, the Son of God
             Em7    Asus4   A
His Kingdom comes_____
Bm7                      G  Em7
Jesus, redemption's sacrifice
         D/F#           G
Now glorified, now justified
            A     G/A     F#m/A
His Kingdom comes________  

Em7/A    D                    A/C#
And this Kingdom will know no end
         Bm                  F#m/A
And it's Glory shall know no bounds
        G   A/G     D/F#
For the majesty and power
        E7/G#              Asus4  A Bm 
Of this Kingdom's King has come.____
A/C#     D 
And this Kingdoms reign
And this Kingdoms rule
         Bm(2)              F#m/A  G  D/F#
And this kingdoms power and authority
G  D/A  Bm      Em7      Asus4  A D       Gm/D    
Je-sus,   God's righteousness     revealed.

Jesus, the expression of God's love
The grace of God the word of God
Revealed to us
Jesus, God's holiness displayed
Now glorified, now justified
His Kingdom Comes.


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